Landmark Capital LP

Name   Landmark Capital LP
Address Suite 204
Neptune House
Marina Bay
GX11 1AA
Legal Form Limited Partnership
Country of Incorporation Gibraltar
Incorporation Number 96
Incorporation Date

Other names

  • Trading Name - Landmark Capital LP


  • Regulated activity

    • Managing AIFs (in-scope AIFM)
  • Service (AIFMD)

    • B1 Investment management - portfolio management
    • B2 Investment management - risk management
    • B4 Administration: Customer inquiries
    • B5 Administration: Valuation and pricing, including tax returns
    • B6 Administration: Regulatory compliance monitoring
    • B12 Marketing
    • B14 Management of Portfolios of Investments
    • B15 Non-core: Provision of investment advice
    • B17 Non-core: Reception and transmission of orders in relation to financial instruments

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