GFSC Portal

The GFSC has launched a new online portal for all regulated firms. The portal is a gateway for our Regulated Firms and provides a quicker and easier way for these to manage their information, submissions and applications.



The GFSC has launched a new online portal designed exclusively for our regulated firms. 

This portal serves as a bridge connecting you, the regulated firm, with the GFSC, streamlining communication and providing you with a more convenient way to manage your regulatory data, among other features.

This platform will expedite our response to applications and submissions and grant you access to real-time information related to your entity. The portal is accessible to all regulated firms and offers the following capabilities:

  • View Multiple Firms - Easily switch between different firms and access the information in one place.
  • User Management - Add, remove or modify access permissions for your team members.
  • View and Submit Returns - Streamlined submission process that is user-friendly and efficient.
  • Document Exchange - Securely exchange documents with the GFSC.

 Soon, we plan to introduce additional functionalities, including the ability to submit applications (expected in 2024) and record charges (with partial availability). 

Our primary goal with this portal is to simplify the interactions between regulated firms and the GFSC. We are committed to continuously gathering feedback and enhancing our service in the weeks and months ahead.

  Please view our Portal Terms & Conditions here.

Please find our video tutorials below

Login Video Tutorials

Roles & Permissions Video Tutorials

Return Completion & Submission Video Tutorials

Document Exchange Video Tutorials


For further information on the Portal functionalities please view our Portal User Guide here.

GFSC Portal FAQs

I am experiencing difficulties opening the Portal site. Can you help?

Please ensure:

  • Javascript is enabled in the browser
  • try another browser
  • try another PC
  • Where are you accessing the site from? (i.e. location they are currently based)
  • Ensure there is no ‘www’ infront of Your link should read

How do I set up my 2FA?

  1. Choose and install a two-factor authentication app on your mobile device or use an existing one.
  2. Open your preferred browser and go to
  3. Enter your login credentials to access the portal.
  4. Upon successful login, a QR code will be displayed on your screen. Open your authenticator app and scan the QR code using the app.
  5. After scanning, a 6-digit code will appear in your authenticator app. Enter this code on the portal.
  6. Your two-factor authentication (2FA) should now be enabled. You'll notice a green icon indicating the setup is complete.

What can an Administrator, a Preparer and an Approver do?

Do I require 2 different portal accounts for my 2 firms?

A user may have access to multiple firms from one portal account (using the same login credentials), with different roles for each firm.

E.g: John could have access to Bank X as an approver and Bank Y as a preparer.

I have edited my role from solely being an Administrator to being an Administrator/Preparer. However, I still cannot view the return?

A 2nd administrator is required to accept the proposal under user management.
Once the 2nd administrator has accepted the proposal you now have a multiple role and can view the return.


Return Submissions FAQs

What do the different icons on the returns submission log table mean?

  Return is completed and ready to be signed-off by an approver.

  Return is still in progress and not all mandatory fields have been completed.

I am an administrator and cannot view the return. Why?

As an administrator, it is not possible to view, fill in or sign-off the return.

What is the process to sign-off the Return?

1 Approver (1 Regulated Indvidual) needs to sign off the completed return.

Once one approver has signed off the completed return, the return will be automatically submitted to the GFSC.

How do I sign-off the return as an Approver?

Simply click on the signature icon on the returns submission log table and this will automatically sign-off the return. 

What is the process for saving my return so that I can resume working on it tomorrow?

The return is automatically saved.
You can close the return and get back to the same point where you left off.

What is the meaning of the percentage displayed on the top right corner of the return?

The percentage represents a progress icon, to determine how much of the return has been completed.

Can I make changes to my submitted return?

If you have already signed off and submitted a return but wish to make changes both signatories will need to revoke their signature so it will become editable again. The sign off process will need to be repeated.

However, if the due date has passed, it will not be possible to revoke the sign off.

Other FAQs

I am an Administrator and a Preparer but cannot upload documents. Why? 

Only approvers can view and upload documents to the portal.

Would the portal replace INVOKE? 

The portal will not be replacing Invoke nor will it affect Invoke.

Do I need to have the two-step verification enabled on settings?

Yes, in order to have full access to the portal, you must have the two-step verification enabled. If you deactivate it, your access to the portal will become limited.

What should I do if none of the above questions resolve my issue?

Please reach out to your supvervisor for further assistance.


Access the GFSC Portal