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Top Class Insurance

16 Jan 06

The Financial Services Commission has today issued a warning to the public regarding an entity calling itself "Top Class Insurance", which has been distributing flyers in Gibraltar, promoting its services as an insurance broker. It claims to be underwritten by the "UK's leading underwriters".

The flyer provides contact telephones in Spain and an email address.

"Top Class Insurance" has never been regulated by the FSC, or licensed under the Financial Services Act 1989 to carry on insurance mediation business in or from within Gibraltar. Nor does it appear to be authorised to provide insurance mediation services in Spain.

Enquiries conducted by the FSC have been unable to determine where "Top Class Insurance" is incorporated or its business address. The FSC has recently been made aware of the existence of another entity with a similar name, Top Class Insurance Srl, of via Collamarini 14, 40138 Bologna, Italy with a website www.topclass-group.it. This company is not known to be connected to the subject of this warning and is therefore of no concern to this Commission.

We therefore urge the public to exercise appropriate caution in respect of this firm. People are also able to verify whether a firm is licensed by checking our "Regulated Entities" section on our website. Any persons who are already involved in any dealings with the above entity and have concerns should contact the Manager, Enforcement +350 200 40283 or by e-mail to [email protected].