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'Reclaim Investment Bank, Gibraltar' / 'Cashback Investment Bank, Gibraltar'  

17 Jan 11

The Financial Services Commission has today issued a warning to the public regarding 'Reclaim Investment Bank, Gibraltar' and 'Cashback Investment Bank, Gibraltar'.

Members of the public have been contacted by persons claiming to act on behalf of these 'banks' in Gibraltar, with 'Reclaim Investment Bank' purportedly operating from Garrison House, Library Ramp.

The FSC has previously issued a public warning regarding financial services firms claiming to operate from Garrison House. This warning may be found at http://www.fsc.gi/enforcement/fscwarning0020.htm.

'Reclaim Investment Bank, Gibraltar' and 'Cashback Investment Bank, Gibraltar' are not regulated by the FSC, or licensed under the Financial Services (Banking) Act or any other Supervisory Acts to carry on deposit taking or any other financial services business in or from within Gibraltar.

Searches of the Register of Companies at Companies House (Gibraltar) confirm that these entities are not incorporated as companies in Gibraltar or registered as business names under the Business Names Registration Act.

The FSC therefore urges the public to exercise appropriate caution in respect of these entities, or those using similar names, whilst it continues its investigations.

People are also able to verify whether a firm is licensed, by checking the "Regulated Entities" section on our website at http://www.fsc.gi/fsclists/categorysearch.asp .

Any persons who are already involved in any dealings with the above entities and have concerns, should contact the Manager, Enforcement on +350 200 40283 or by e-mail to [email protected]