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FSC makes forms available on-line

03 Sep 99
The FSC has redesigned its web-site to make it more user friendly and faster to download.

As a new feature, licensees in the finance centre can now download from the Internet most of the forms they use regularly to provide the FSC with supervisory information. They can do this by following a simple interface which guides them through a series of questions until the correct form is reached.

Over 25 forms and returns are now available, ranging from the registration of auditors to returns on capital adequacy. (This facility, though, will be for existing licensees only; new applicants seeking a licence are advised to contact the appropriate supervisor at the FSC to discuss their proposals before filling in any forms).

As part of the re-design, the web-site now includes all of the current FSC Newsletters in addition to the Banking and Insurance Newsletters which have already been there for some time.

Commenting on its new features, the Commissioner said:

"We attach great importance to the web - site as a means of communication, with current licensees as well as people seeking general information about the regulatory environment in Gibraltar. I hope that licensees will now use it to get quick access to the forms they have to use to meet our regulatory notification requirements. We have had many compliments on the standard of our web - site, but we try not to rest on our laurels. So, I hope licensees and others will tell us what they think of it and come up with suggestions on how we can continue to improve it".

The FSC's web-site can be found at :