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AML CFT Online Workshops

02 Nov 20

As part of the GFSC’s continued engagement with regulated entities, we have developed a series of online workshops covering a selection of AML/CFT technical requirements applicable to the financial services industry. These workshops are based on the legislative and regulatory requirements set out in the Proceeds of Crime Act 2015, and the GFSC’s AML/CFT Guidance Notes.

The workshops cover requirements relating to the following:

  • Beneficial owners;
  • Reliance on third parties;
  • PEPs;
  • Sanctions;
  • Record keeping;
  • Training;
  • Branches, subsidiaries & groups;
  • Responsibilities of key individuals; and
  • Ongoing monitoring and regtech.

The online workshops are accessible using the following link : AML CFT Online Workshop or visiting the Financial Crime Approach section of the website. 

The contents of these online workshops do not constitute legal advice and are provided for general information purposes only. If you are unsure of your obligations in a given case, we recommend that you take legal advice. The GFSC accepts no responsibility for any information contained within these workshops and disclaims and excludes any liability in respect of the contents or for action taken based on this information.

These online workshops are not designed to replace money laundering/terrorist financing courses or other qualifications and consequently do not absolve relevant financial businesses of their legal obligations under the Proceeds of Crimes Act 2015 to take appropriate measures for the delivery of training to all staff.

If you have any questions or wish to provide feedback, feel free to contact us at +250 200 40283 or