Market Abuse


Certain types of behaviour, such as insider dealing and market manipulation, can amount to market abuse. Firms must have safeguards in place to identify and reduce the risk of market abuse and other financial crime.

Preventing, detecting and punishing market abuse is a high priority for the GFSC.

Application of Market Abuse

  • financial instruments admitted to trading on a regulated market or for which a request for admission to trading on a regulated market has been made
  • financial instruments traded on a multilateral trading facility (MTF), admitted to trading on an MTF, or for which a request for admission to trading on an MTF has been made.
  • financial instruments traded on an organised trading facility (OTF)
  • financial instruments not covered by point (a), (b) or (c), the price or value of which depends on or has an effect on the price or value of a financial instrument referred to in those points, including, but not limited to, credit default swaps and contracts for difference/li>

Market abuse contains prohibitions of insider dealing, unlawful disclosure of insider information and market manipulation, and provisions to prevent and detect these.

Upon receiving information from a whistleblower, the GFSC will advise you of your rights and protections under the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

Report market abuse or contact us

To confidentially report under whistleblowing provisions that a firm or individual is involved in market abuse or other wrongdoing, email [email protected] or call +350 200 45902.



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