Multilateral Memorandum of Understanding (MMoU) and Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) 



The GFSC is full signatory to the Group of International Finance Centre Supervisors MMoU. 

GIFCS is a long-established group of financial services supervisors with a core interest of promoting the adoption of international regulatory standards especially in the banking, fiduciary and AML/CFT arena.

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The GFSC is a full signatory to the MMoU of the International Organisation of Securities Commissions (IOSCO).

The MMoU is the first global information-sharing arrangement among securities regulators. The aim of the MMoU is to enhance enforcement capabilities and secure compliance with securities laws of the members' jurisdictions.

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The GFSC has joined the International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS) international supervisory cooperation and information exchange agreement.

The MMoU is a global framework for cooperation and information exchange among insurance supervisors. It sets minimum standards to which signatories must adhere, and all applicants are subject to review and approval by an independent team of IAIS Members. Through membership in the MMoU, supervisors are able to exchange relevant information with and provide assistance to other signatories, thereby promoting the financial stability and sound supervision of cross-border insurance operations for the benefit and protection of consumers.

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The GFSC is a full signatory to the MMoU of the International Forum of Independent Audit Regulators (IFIAR). 

The primary purpose of the MMoU is to facilitate cooperation in the exchange of information among IFIAR members regarding public oversight of auditors, including inspections, investigations, enforcement and registration.

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FSRCC MoU and Internal Rules (IRs)

The GFSC is a full signatory to the MoU and IRs for the Financial Services Resolution and Compensation Committee (FSRCC).

The aim of the MoU is to formalise arrangements between the GFSC and the FSRCC in respect of cooperation and exchange of information for the purposes of fulfilling their respective roles of Competent Authority and Resolution Authority pursuant to the Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive (2014/59/EU).

The MoU and IRs are available here



The AIFMD MoUs form an important part of the requirements following the issuance of the Directive to enable Gibraltar’s alternative investment fund managers to continue to market into Europe.

Regulator Date
Jersey Financial Supervision Commission 13/03/2014
Financial Supervision Commission of the Isle of Man 13/03/2014
Financial Services Commission of Mauritius 22/07/2014
Securities and Exchange Commission Thailand 09/09/2014
National Banking and Securities Commission of the United Mexican States  22/09/2014
Australian Securities & Investments Commission 03/11/2014
Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA 10/12/2014
United Arab Emirates 10/12/2014
Israel Securities Authority 17/06/2015
British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission 30/07/2015
Hong Kong Monetary Authority 14/08/2015
Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission 01/09/2015
Cayman Islands Monetary Authority 22/06/2016
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission 31/10/2016
Canadian Authorities: OSC, AMF, ASC, BCSC 01/12/2017
Securities and Exchange Board of India 12/02/2018


General MoUs

Regulator Date
Isle of Man Financial Supervision Commission 04/12/2003
Malta Financial Services Authority 30/06/2004
Financial Services Authority, UK 27/08/2004
Jersey Financial Services Commission 15/10/2008
Commissariat aux Assurances, Luxembourg 21/07/2009
Royal Gibraltar Police 18/06/2014
Labuan Financial Services Authority, Labuan 29/08/2014
Guernsey Financial Services Commission 22/05/2015
Financial Services Compensation Scheme, UK 05/06/2017
Gambling Division for HM Government of Gibraltar  21/06/2017
Gibraltar Investor Compensation Board  31/03/2020
China Securities Regulatory Commission  22/12/2020
The National Banking and Securities Commission of the United Mexican States  17/05/2021
The Legal Services Regulatory Authority 15/06/2023
Gibraltar Regulatory Authority 09/11/2023


Fintech MoUs

Regulator Date
Fintech Co-operation Agreement: Hong Kong Insurance Authority 16/03/2018


Insurance MoUs

Regulator Date
Insurance Co-operation Supervision Agreement: The Danish Financial Supervisory Authority 23/02/2018