Complaints against the GFSC

The GFSC has established this Complaints Handling Procedure for the handling and consideration of complaints against us. The procedure covers complaints relating to any matter reasonably connected with the exercise of our regulatory functions.

The Complaints Handling Procedure can be accessed here.

The procedure is established in accordance with Regulation 3 of the Financial Services (GFSC Complaints) Regulations and sets out:

  • The types of complaints that fall within the remit of the procedure
  • Who can complain
  • When and how to make a complaint
  • How we deal with complaints
  • Recourse available to complainants that are not satisfied with the outcome of a complaint.


An overview of the process we will follow as part of this Complaints Handling Procedure is provided below.



The timeframes we adhere to when handling complaints are summarised below, as well as those applicable when referring a complaint outcome to the Minister.

Time limits for stages of the GFSC Complaints Handling Procedure

Action / Stage


Action time frame (Max)

Acknowledge receipt of complaint


Within 5 working days. 

Notice of refusal to investigate complaint


Within 20 working days. 

Notice of conclusion of investigation / determination of complaint  by the GFSC


·         Within 20 working days or

·         2 months where 20 working days is not possible.

*a longer period can be applied following Minister’s approval.

Application for referral to the Minister


14 days from GFSC response/ notice or

14 days from expiry of the  GFSC’s deadline to conclude investigation.

Conclusion of investigation by the Minister / Independent Investigator (appointed by the Minister)

Minister/ Independent Investigator

As soon as reasonably practicable.