Complaints against regulated firms

This page sets out what you should do if you have a complaint against a regulated firm.

If you have a complaint against the GFSC, click here for more information.

How do I make a complaint?

In the first instance, you should contact the firm and formally raise the complaint. We recommend that you put your complaint in writing to ensure that there is a record of the communication between you and the firm.

All firms in Gibraltar with permissions granted by the GFSC are expected to have in place appropriate procedures for complaints handling. Details of the firm’s complaint procedure should be available to you on request and be designed to ensure that your complaint is appropriately addressed and dealt with in a thorough and prompt manner.

Once your complaint has been made to the firm, if your are not satisfied with the response provided, or believe that you have a case for financial compensation, you may wish to consult  a legal adviser on the merits of pursuing a claim through the Gibraltar courts. 

How can the GFSC help me?

You may decide to report your complaint to the GFSC. When you report a complaint to us, please provide as much information as possible so we can understand the nature of your complaint. 

It is particularly important that you include a copy of the firm’s formal response to your complaint. We ask that your complaint is reported to us in writing either by letter, or by email to [email protected].

Any complaints reported to the GFSC are taken seriously, as your complaint may indicate that there are concerns with the way in which a firm is being managed. 

The powers of the GFSC are prescribed by Gibraltar law in the Financial Services Act 2019. Accordingly, it is important that we make it clear what we can and cannot do within our legal remit. 

What we can do

A regulated firm is required to have certain conduct of business standards in place. In our statutory role, we can consider the firm’s conduct, to establish whether these standards have been adhered to in its dealings with you. In the event that we establish that these standards were not adhered to, we may, at our discretion, take regulatory action against the firm.

Please note that, by law, we will not be able to inform you about any of our supervisory dealings with the firm or inform you if we take any regulatory action.

What we cannot do

The GFSC is not able to perform the role of an arbitrator, Ombudsman or Court. Neither are we able to provide complainants with legal advice. 

The GFSC is also unable to share any confidential information with you relating to any regulatory action that the GFSC may take. 

What you can do 

In the event that you wish to claim financial compensation from the firm, we would suggest that you seek legal advice on pursuing your complaint in the Gibraltar Courts.

In certain, rare circumstances, we are able to make outcomes publically available. In these cases, the outcome will be published on our website.