A Guide: Pensions

Community Care Trust

When considering your pension options, you should be aware of the Community Care Trust which may provide for an additional source of social assistance.

The Community Care Trust is a private charitable trust with the object of performing a range of charitable functions for elderly persons in Gibraltar. The Trust pays a sum of money to persons of pensionable age in Gibraltar to assist them in meeting household costs; namely, the Household Cost Allowance (HCA). These payments are made by the Trust in equal amounts to all persons of pensionable age resident in Gibraltar regardless of nationality. As at October 1st 2018, HCA rates are £1056.00 per quarter for a married couple (jointly) and £704.00 per quarter for a single person. (Source: Gibraltar Senior Citizens Association.)

Moreover, men aged over 60 and under 65 can apply for employment as a Community Officer (CO) and will be required to provide certain social and community services. The rate of pay of a CO is £511.97 per month tax-free.

For further information please contact the Community Care Trust at Gibraltar Community Care Ltd on (+350) 200 75194