Experienced Investor Fund (EIF) Director 



The purpose of this section is to set out the application process for EIF Directors.

This section sets out:

  • What is an EIF Director?
  • Application process
  • Criteria for Consent

What is an EIF Director?

EIFs are funds designed for professional, high net worth or experienced investors. EIFs are required to have at least two approved EIF directors.

There are two types of consent:

  • Individuals approved to act as the director of EIF’s generally; or
  • Individuals approved to act as the director of specifically named EIF’s or specific asset classes.

Application process

With the introduction of LRP, individuals wishing to provide directorships to EIFs will no longer be required to apply for a Class VIII Licence, restricted to the provision of EIF Directorship services, (previously licensed under the Financial Services (Investment and Fiduciary) Act 1989).  

EIF directors will require the GFSC’s consent.  Applicants should submit the following:

  • An EIF Director Form;
  • A CV;
  • The application fee; and
  • Any additional information that would assist the GFSC in its assessment.

In accordance with the GFSC’s authorisation process, we will assess the fitness and propriety of EIF directors in two ways:

  1. An assessment of the information provided by the applicant; and
  2. Attendance at a meeting with the GFSC. Appropriate GFSC staff will attend the meeting.

We will assess individuals in relation to their ability to ensure and demonstrate that the EIF will be well governed, controlled and monitored effectively. The meeting will cover their awareness and understanding of matters such as:

  • The market in which the EIF operates;
  • The manner by which investors will be attracted;
  • The risk management function and controls, including the individual’s views of the risks facing the EIF;
  • Governance, oversight and controls to be exercised;
  • The regulatory framework and our expectations; and
  • The GFSC's EIF Director Policy Statement here

Once an Application for an EIF Director has been submitted, the GFSC will complete and submit a Royal Gibraltar Police Vetting Application Form in accordance with Section 30C of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2015. The vetting process is conducted internally by the GFSC and bears no cost to the applicant/firm. Any applicant that has not been ordinarily resident in Gibraltar for the last ten years should provide the GFSC with a report or their criminal record from the relevant authority in the jurisdiction(s) where the applicant has spent a considerable amount of time. If the report cannot be provided in English, it should be accompanied by a translation from a certified translator.

Criteria for Consent

The GFSC will not grant consent for an individual to act as an EIF Director unless it is satisfied that the individual:

  • Has at least five years of relevant experience in providing services to funds; and
  • Can provide evidence that they have familiarised themselves with the GFSC's EIF Director Policy Statement here.

We expect individuals to evidence their capability and competency to conduct the functions of an EIF Director. Evidence of this includes individuals who:

  • Have held, or currently hold, a position of responsibility within a fund;
  • Have had involvement in a senior position of a fund administrator;
  • Have provided investment management services to funds;
  • Have been involved in the formation of funds; and/or
  • Have been involved in the provision of depositary services to funds.