Registration form

This form should be completed by the employer and submitted to the Pensions Commissioner.

Where an employer provides multiple pensions schemes to its employees, one form must be completed per pension scheme. 

Registration form  Download

Opt-Out form

Each employee that decides not to join and participate in the pension scheme offered by his/her employer, must complete this form.

This form, once completed by the employee, should be submitted to the employer (not the Pensions Commissioner directly).  Once this form is submitted the employer will forward this to the Pensions Commissioner.  It is understood, by completing this form, that the employee will not be a member of the pensions scheme until they notify their employer otherwise.

Opt-Out form  Download
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Employee Leaflet 

This leaflet provides an overview of what an employee can expect from their employer as a result of the Act coming into force.  

It is expected that all employers will provide this leaflet to its employees and encourage employees to read the information available to them via the leaflet and via these website pages.

Employee Leaflet (in English)  Download
Employee Leaflet (in Spanish) Download
Employee Leaflet (in Portuguese) Download
 Employee Leaflet (in Arabic)  Download


Private Sector Pensions Act 2019

Private Sector Pensions Fees Regulations 2021

Private Sector Pensions (Appointed Schemes) Regulations 2022