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GFSC CEO Kerry Blight steps up industry engagement

01 Nov 19

Newly appointed CEO, Kerry Blight, has initiated a comprehensive programme of ongoing engagement with key stakeholders across Gibraltar.  Mr Blight’s first priorities as CEO are to listen to industry concerns and to commit to ensuring the Commission is transparent, approachable and collaborative. 

To deliver on his commitment and in response to initial feedback, the Commission will make a number of enhancements to internal processes to provide for timely engagement with firms, industry associations and other local stakeholders. This will involve appointing GFSC lead contacts for each industry sector and association. 

GFSC CEO, Kerry Blight, said: “Actively engaging and listening to our stakeholders is of vital importance. Without trust, the regulator and firm relationship is fundamentally undermined. It is for this reason that my first priority is to address the belief that the Commission does not always listen. I have been grateful for the feedback already received and will continue my programme of outreach. Enhancing our engagement with firms is instrumental in continuing to deliver our statutory objectives.”

The GFSC has provided local industry associations and the Finance Centre Council with the details of appointed GFSC industry sector leads. Details can also be found on our website.

Notes to Editors:

1. The GFSC is a regulator of the Gibraltar financial services market, regulating providers of financial services conducted in both Gibraltar and other jurisdictions. The GFSC's vision is to be a high performing, agile, and innovative regulator.

2. The GFSC's regulatory objectives are the promotion of market confidence; the reduction of systemic risk; the promotion of public awareness; the protection of the good reputation of Gibraltar; the protection of consumers and the reduction of financial crime. 

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