Regulated Entities

Experienced Investor Fund Directors

The following individuals and firms are licensed as Experienced Investor Fund Directors and therefore hold a Company Manager licence under the Financial Services (Investment and Fiduciary Services) Act. For full details regarding authorisations held by an individual or firm please contact the Financial Services Commission.

Please note individuals/companies being one of the 2 authorised directors of an Experienced Investor Fund are not allowed to provide these services without a Class VIII licence.

Abdoo, David 
Adamson, Lindsay 
Amenzou, Raacida 
Assal, Alexandra Ingrid Karine 
Beckwith, Andrew Keith (Restricted) 
Beiso, Francesca 
Benady, Mark Mordejay (Restricted) 
Benzaquen, Rafael Jacob 
Bhambhwani, Umesh 
Birrell, Nigel Norman (Restricted) 
Businger, Andreas Christoph 
Cassar Loporto, Franco 
Catarino Martins, Carlos Miguel 
Cawdery, Shaun Richard 
Chu-Feetham, Yvonne Siok Teang 
Cohen, Samuel Vidal Moses 
Cuby, Benjamin (Restricted) 
Cuby, David Dennis 
De Haro, Nicholas 
Delgado, Yan 
Dicorp Limited 
Ellul, Marc Xavier 
Fava, Charles Emmanuel John 
Felipes, George Lewis 
Fiman Limited 
Foster, Charles Edward Denton 
Foster, Richard George 
Frier, David William Alexander 
Garcia, Joseph Peter 
Gibbs, Colin Charles 
Gravett, Alan David 
Hassan, James David 
Haynes, Peter Hugh St John 
Hogg, Adrian Jeffrey 
Ireton, Timothy James 
Jimenez, Anthony 
Joubaud, Raymond Pierre 
Kelly, Gerard Patrick 
Knight, Steven Andrew 
Lasry, James 
Malkani, Subash Ram (Restricted) 
Moss, Benjamin Joseph 
Neave, James Barrie 
Nichols, Trevor James 
Payas, Aaron 
Perera, Maurice Albert (Restricted) 
Petri, Alessandro 
Rawley, William Wymond David (Restricted) 
Reiter, Georg 
Riggs, Steve John (Restricted) 
Rudich, Daniele Yehudi 
Ruffell, Carol 
Ruffell, Malcolm David 
Scalici, Salvatore 
Sene, Joanne 
Smith, Nicola Marie 
Spencer, Josiane Frances (Restricted) 
Stagnetto, Jonathan Christian (Restricted) 
Streatfeild-James, Timothy John 
Tavares, Joseph Louis 
Van den Berg, Philippus Johannes Theodorus 
Van der Weg, Marit 
Vollmeier, Helmuth (Restricted) 
Vujnovich, Christopher David 
Wahnon, David Brian 
Wawn, Christopher John Newby 
White, Frederick David John 
Young, Peter John 

Last updated 24/02/2017

* Firms with an asterisk by their name may have for example a restricted or suspended licence. Please view the details page for the firm in question and click on "Show All" under Permissions to establish the current state of the entity.