Specialist Regulation

The Specialist Regulation team focuses strongly on horizon scanning and providing strategic direction to the organisation, in a responsive and approachable way in order to achieve our regulatory objectives. 


Our Communication approach focuses on supporting our regulatory and supervisory work through targeted, timely and proactive engagement.

Communicating and engaging with stakeholders is important to us; it helps our stakeholders understand the role we play, how we work and why certain decisions have to be made. We want to remain accessible, accountable and transparent. We actively engage with our stakeholders, forming a professional and open means of interaction, and building stronger relationships.

Our communications strategy:

  • Engages effectively with stakeholders
  • Ensures people understand what we do
  • Helps us achieve our overall strategic objectives
  • Helps stakeholders meet their aims and objectives
  • Evaluates the effectiveness of our work

The Communications Team also offers opportunities for stakeholders to provide feedback and be engaged in our work so that we can meet our regulatory and supervisory objectives.

The GFSC’s Communication Strategy also involves being open to the public by attending or hosting events. Additionally, Twitter and Facebook are an important part of our Communications Strategy. We continue to take full advantage of social media by posting important updates so that information is made available instantly to stakeholders.

For further detail on our Communications Strategy, please click here.

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International Affairs

We work closely with the Government of Gibraltar, regulatory bodies in the UK, including the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and international bodies such as International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO), International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS), Group of International Finance Centre Supervisors (GIFCS), Group of International Insurance Centre Supervisors (GIICS) and Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and stakeholders. This is to ensure that we are forward facing and adopt an appropriate level of preparedness where EU, international and local initiatives are concerned to guarantee that we understand and meet the developments, challenges and opportunities that arise.

Our interaction with the European Supervisory Authorities and other international bodies represents an important international dimension to our work, with a focus on establishing and cementing good working relations with these bodies as well as with other regulators more generally.

We are a signatory to both the IOSCO and IAIS Multilateral Memoranda of Understanding and also have several bilateral MoUs in place with other regulators.

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Risk & Innovation 

Our approach to risk focuses on ensuring that we adopt an effective corporate and regulatory risk management framework that supports a focused deployment of GFSC resources to the greatest areas of risk. The risk function assists in determining the risk tolerance of the GFSC and works closely with the rest of the organisation to deliver risk-based regulation that is compliant with relevant EU requirements and consistent with international standards. In addition, the risk function also supports the development and delivery of the GFSC’s strategic plans and business plans through the provision of risk analysis.

The team also supports the organisation in making risk based decisions about applicants and licensees implementing innovative practices, products and services, ensuring that they are compliant with relevant requirements and in line with the GFSC’s risk appetite and tolerance.  It actively engages in horizon scanning to anticipate trends so that the GFSC can react quickly to both new threats that emerge, as well as new opportunities that may arises and keeps up to date on advances and developments in innovation within financial services, in order to deliver authorisation and supervision support of innovative financial services.  

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Financial Crime Function

Our approach to financial crime focuses on ensuring that our regulatory and supervisory engagement or intervention is proportionate to the level of potential money laundering and/or terrorist financing risk identifed or perceived.

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Business Delivery

The  team drives the delivery of business change and  new strategic operating models for our ways of working within the organisation. It also develops functional specification and ensures the successful adoption of new procedures through effective project management.

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Internal Control

Our internal control function provides assurance that the organisation is operating effectively and efficiently. It supports the GFSC in evaluating operating guidelines, controls and procedures, and reporting any significant problems to management and ensures that our internal procedures agree with corporate policies, industry standards and regulatory requirements.

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