Solvency II


EIOPA has stated that “Harmonised EU-wide reporting formats are crucial to ensure a consistent implementation of European regulatory and supervisory frameworks to support EIOPA’s goal to improve the efficiency and consistency of the supervision of financial institutions across Europe." ( This approach places new reporting and disclosure requirements on firms under Solvency II.

Within this page, the GFSC will provide feedback to firms on various matters related to reporting in order to assist them with the submission of their data as required by the Solvency II Directive.

GFSC Documents

February 2017Adobe IconGFSC Solvency II Reporting FAQ
February 2017Adobe IconGFSC SII Reporting and Public Disclosure - Options Provided to Supervisory Authorities
October 2016Adobe IconGFSC SII Reporting Guidance EIOPA 3.1 Multiple Currency
October 2016Adobe IconGFSC SII Reporting Guidance EIOPA 1.7 Consistency
August 2016Adobe IconWorkshop: Solvency II Reporting Procedures and Common Errors
September 2015Adobe IconWorkshop: Update on Solvency II
August 2016Adobe IconSolvency II Reporting Procedures and Common Errors

This document sets out the procedures involved in the Solvency II reporting process and gives guidance on how to resolve common errors.

July 2015Adobe IconSolvency II Reporting Dates

Many firms have asked about the reporting dates associated with the introduction of Solvency II. This spreadsheet is intended to provide assistance in this regard.

July 2015Adobe IconPreparatory Phase Reporting - Invoke Portal FAQ

Initial Feedback to firms regarding Preparatory Phase reporting.